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By nosferatu
The costume is almost as great as the pattern. Or the other way round?

Either way it is yet another stunning vision. Fabulous.Where do you go from here?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Thanks for the compliments... in case anyone is interested, here's a bit about how it was put together...

While my white-out contact lenses are awesome (and were expensive) I don't want to overuse them. But I had the idea to make one eye scarred, one eye normal. So that allowed me to put a new spin on the freaky eye look.

My face makeup is a mishmash of stuff I had. A very thin application of white grease paint, didn't want to be too pale. Various shades of flesh and brown makeup around the eyes, down the nose, under cheek bones. Used a cotton swab to add some spots, and a stipple sponge to make some dirty areas. Set all the makeup with powder.

The wig was a long black "witch" wig. I didn't want it to look silky smooth though, so I ran some "styling spiking glue" through it, to make it look dirty, ratty and stringy.

The "hunch" on my back is a squishy support pillow tucked under my shirt.... from Bed Bath and Beyond. :lol:

I wanted a brown robe and a hat or hood or some type. I was considering monk robes they have available, with the plan of aging it with paint and some tearing. Well, just my luck.... I found a "Zombie Monk" robe and hood, already made to look dirty and shredded. Well, perfect!

Bought the clawed finger extensions from the costume shop as well, but added some gloves (with finger tips cut off) to hide the edges of the finger extensions.

Finishing touch... found a "walking stick" in my mom's back yard. Thanks to the old tree for dropping it just in time for Halloween.

I felt a little stiff in the back after walking around all night hunched over. But my back is fine, for anyone who might be concerned.

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By The Captain
You looked great Ryan. Your costumes are always a cut above the rest. Glad your feeling better.
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By SuperSonic
Awespme costume Ryan :) . I was trying to figure out which pattern would be your costume. Now I know!! :)