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Last year when I did a vampire look I tried using grease paint to give me a pale look. Instead it looked really horrible and just didn't work for me. I tried a few other things out there made for Halloween looks but ended up using the regular make up I use every day. You can really do a lot with eyeshadow and a eyeliner pencil and it comes in every color you could want. It also stays on all day/night and doesn't dry up and crack. Just mentioning it to keep in mind. I know a lot of guys at least wont be thinking of eyeshadow. :)

This was done completely with eyeshadow and eyeliner. Only the dots were done with regular face paint.

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By CorpseBride
Great tip! I too used only eyeshadow for my costume. Even for "white-ing" out my face I just used a single white eyeshadow similar to...


And then for my face I used the amazing 88 palatte from Coastal Scents. It is the BEST kit for makeup on your normal day, and makeup on the BIG day :wink: It never cracks, smears, or runs and it can be applied wet or dry. I swear by it. And the big bonus only costs 18.95. It is even used by professionals.


Can be bought here: ... alette.cfm
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Good tips ladies. You've both proven yourselves to be handy with the makeup, so please feel free to share any tips you have in the future. I've done a fair bit with costume makeup, but don't know too much about woman's cosmetics. :lol: :kiss:
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By suzika
I typically use only standard makeup for my costumes, although years back when I was still acting, I used professional quality makeup. I just can't afford that stuff in real life. :)
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By Raven
I have 2 of those Palettes, CorpsBride. They rock! The colors are high pigment so they really show up. I use them for my everyday makeup almost everyday. :) You can pick up those palettes on ebay pretty cheap, and you will have just about every color you could want. Eyeshadow is great since it never dries up or drips off. You can put on a little or a lot, light or dark.