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Authors have given us tons of tomes from the tomb. Recommended reading for the most cultured of creatures.
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The first two dexter books are great. Nice easy but compelling reads. The third one gets a little off track but I believe the two after that (haven't got them yet) are back on form.
I do love to read. I spend a lot of time on factual books, science - physics mostly and some medical history, neurology and ethics. They can take a while to get through sometimes. Like some classic sci-fi and horror, Dracula, Jeykll & Hyde; I finished Canticle for Lebowitz not too long ago, very very interesting read. Huge fan of Kurt Vonnegut, quite fond of J G Ballard and Charles Bukowski.
New books tend to get left behind in favour of older books in the main. But having said that Max Brooks is quite good and I like Irvine Welsh too. Welsh does some great short stories.
And the weirdest book I've read lately is Satan Burger ... 0971357234

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