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By AusZom
OK! Ladies and gents it might seem to you that this silly island of Australia though not a true celebrator of the lovely All Hallows Eve. But yeah we are. Just thought id start off with an intro to myself and my friends so you get some back story.

My friends and i from high school for the past 5 years have been celebrating Halloween in a small town in Victoria, Australia. We dress up and drink and just have debauchery style fun. There are a decent number in the group numbers fail me so ill say 5-10.

I will post some images when i can of some previous costumes and designs, all low cost and high fun. Also will be posting 2010's offering up for you to provide some insight into.

Also would love to see any other Aussie Pumpkins roll in and say hello. Or anyone for that matter :D Anyhow Images will be coming soon so watch this dirt patch[/b]
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By nosferatu
Hello AusZom

To my knowledge, the first antipodean carver on the boards.

Look forward to seeing your pics
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By AusZom
Well lucky me then Hey? :P Guess ill be representing the whole nation if not just my state. I'm sure you guys will enjoy a bunch of 18-20 year old in decent costumes.

Oh for this year ill give you guys my costume outlay.
I have a E bayed Soft lambs leather straight jacket (white with black straps)
White pants (I aim to mode them to have straps around the legs/ankle)
Combat Boots (my everyday choice of footwear and optional to costume)
White Cosmetic Eye Contacts (Uv for extra Fun)

not sure i need anything else but im sure ill have dry run photos up as soon as i can. Also will update with other peoples costume ideas so you can get an idea in your head.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Greetings, AusZom. Indeed, you just might be the Aussie representation here. Do your country proud. ;)

Sounds like you have a lot of fun on Halloween, can't wait to hear more and see some photos.
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By monstermash
Hi AusZom, welcome to ZP. Your costume sounds great, can't wait to see it. :)
Welcome, ..represent!

if ever theres another mad max film it ought to feature zombies...
(unlikely, but)... :lol:
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By Hottie McNaughty
Hello and welcome....glad you found your way here. I envy you. I've been trying to visit Australia for years.
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By SuperSonic
Welcome to the patch, Enjoy the carving as the Holiday inches closer
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By AusZom
OK so heres a rundown of what i know will be at halloween

Myself- Josh will be An escaped Asylum Patient (Blood and gore and fun)

Abbey- Vampire girl with Yellow Contacts and summer style

Molly- Will be Jane from tv show Daria

Rob 1- will be dressing as Adam Lambert (creepy as)

Rob 2- Unsure but it is normally thatrical

Richard- He was thinking some sort of old horror movie monster

As for anyone else attending i am not sure but will be a blast anyhow.
Pictures will be up of my production when i can :)
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By AusZom