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By nosferatu
I actually quite like this series. Don't know why. Just like it. End of. My only problem with it is that everyone in it is just far too good looking and well dressed - come on, most series have a few token average looking people but not here.

Still, I'm still watching it.
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By SuperSonic
My younger brother (16) watches it religously but doesn't bore you with it. It's acctually quite intriguing to watch (even though i know almost nothing about it i follow along) :)

But i agree with Nos. Except good looking is a bonus :wink:
life (for) the "beautiful people" ..the rest are chattel.
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By paddy_babe
Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Twilight! havent read the vampire diaries books though, annoys me that they've changed the covers to be similar to twilight!
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By vibhandaka
I really enjoy the Vampire Diaries show. I tried to read the books, but quit a little into the 2nd one, they just couldn't hold my interest. PLUS Ian Somerhalder keeps me coming back for more. :)
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By Raven
I've read the books. They are a bit boring but get a little more exciting into the 3rd and 4th book. Even in the books everyone is beautiful. :) Vibhandaka, you know I agree with you about Ian Somerhalder, but sadly I don't watch the show. I have heard it is pretty good. My heart belongs to True Blood.
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By paddy_babe
I do think they are spicing it up a bit with series 2 now! perhaps some influence from true blood! seriously one episode in and wow lol Katherine is already kicking off etc (wont say much more in case some people havent seen it) but should be good to see where it leads. fair play to the actress playing two different characters!