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By Ajax
Anyone playing this yet??? I love it. It's like grand theft auto and Gun together. The niceest looking game I have ever seen. Great missons. Towns with bars and poker, black jack, horse riding and rodeo, missions galore, shoot outs. If you love the western genre you have to buy this now.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Agreed, this is my game of the moment. Just made my way to Mexico. There's plenty to do (like the GTA games) but with the new spin of being in the old west. I don't think I've ever played a game with a western theme, and I really like it. It provides some cool game play options. Hunting bears, breaking wild horses, chasing down outlaws, having duels and big shootouts. This just might inspire me to come up with a western themed pattern. Yeehaw.
By Ajax
Just got to Mexico :). Love the poncho.
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By monstermash
I loved the GTA series and i fancy getting this. For years ive said that someone needs to make a western style game thats a bit like GTA. I think im being bugged... all my ideas get stolen, no kidding!