Prepping everything from pumpkin pies to party platters.
By JMP919
I usually rinse them for a while, spray with pam, and overload them with salt and pepper. Keep turning while they are in the oven, that is key. Bacon sounds awesome though. I've never had anything that wouldn't taste better with bacon added to it :P
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By minion_of_the_pumpkin
Bacon! lol bacon good i want bacon now...ooh how bout bacon carved on a pumpkin!
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By Dr. Frybrain
Never, never, NEVER rinse your seeds!

You are washing away all the yummy pumpkin goodness. Just pick out all the the strings, and leave them wet with the natural juices.

Just mix in a generous amount of salt, and when you roast them, make sure you have a single layer of seeds on your baking tray.
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By Crystal
I actually was going to try using bacon drippings to bake them in.. so so sad..