Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
By Lithium_joe
I know, how can you not be grabbed with a title like that?

Jack Yeoville (a pseudonym for Kim Newman) is the author,
ISBN: 0671851098

It's out of print, so in theory hard to get but amazon has it so does Abe books. Aint the internet grand?
(I have my copy and you ain't having it)

The story is trivial, gory , sexually charged, celebrates the macabre, is disturbing and funny as hell.

Googling the title I found this website which should give you a flavour of what lies within.

The story is set on an anonymous university campus under attack from a viscously clever and self-aware virus that is released when some animal rights activists raid an experimental lab. The virus causes hideous mutations, wild rage, unleashes the Id and is spread by rabbits. The evil corporation sponsoring the research sends in a SWAT team of psychopaths and drug addicts to deal with the situation. Lots of sex and violence ensue; often together, sometimes with the one followed by the other.
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