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By nosferatu
Has anybody ever tried using fireworks inside pumpkins?

I only ask because they are on the shelves now. Anyone in the UK will know that between now and the middle of November, as soon as it gets dark outside,the explosions start.

Gone are the days of wishy washy fireworks, these are serious ordnance. Chinese, largely unregulated and relatively cheap. Last night, outside sounded like it was downtown Kabul or Baghdad.

I think the puking pumpkin would work well using two different types of Catherine Wheel.

Also wondered what effect taping several bangers together then placing inside would have?

I'll ask Lithium Joe to do a few experiments.....

Remember kids, fireworks aren't toys. Always follow the firework code.
By Lithium_joe
I suspect, and call me a calamatist if you wish, but anyone inserting fireworks into their pumpkins* is liable to end up with small lumps of charred pumpkin distributed over a wide area, to say nothing, of course, as to the fate of the person holding the explosive in question at the time.

Just my guess. I would only ever let the fire station crew handle fireworks and then only from a safe distance.

"Inserting fireworks into their pumpkins" - is that a euphemism, I wonder? :kiss:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I've never tried fireworks, other than putting sparklers on and IN a carved watermelon. Pretty unique method to light, but the light is short lived, of course. And not as impressive as you might think. Plus, it leaves an ashy residue on your carved pumpkin/melon.