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Maybe this has alread been covered, I am a newbie to the ZP forums.

A great way to show all the detail on an intricately designed pumpkin is a 25W Light Bulb. A stand is pretty easy to make, and if any one likes I could even email you some plans. Its great to keep your Zombie Pumpkin Masterpiece off the ground and make it bright. I know some purists are "candle only" and I give you props to that. But for photographing, lightbulbs make it easier. Now an ugly lightbulb sticking through the front of the carving isn't pleasant and produces bad glare.

All you have to do is take a manilla folder and cut it the shape and size of the lightbulb and put it over the bulb like a slip cover of sorts (kinda like those crazy cool Birthday Crowns from a unnamed Burger Restaurant). It will glow yellow/orange and matches the back of the pumpkin so its hard to tell its there, especially at night or in pictures.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Sounds like a great idea, Homr. I don't think anyone has suggested anything exactly like that here in the Freaky Forum. If you want to post any plans, or photographs of this light in action, I'm sure everyone would love to see.
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By OhhHenry
I too would like to see the plans for this - I think I downloaded plans for a light stand somewhere last year, but alas, we have moved, and those plans are somewhere in the realm of here nor there.....
By Homr
I got distracted by bright lights at some Halloween stores and forgot I had posted this. I will start my carvings next week, so I will use that as my example and take some pictures and draw up some designs.