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Wow, that is looking amazing! Like a legit, "toe-pincher" coffin of the old days.

How did you come up with the design and measurements? Did you follow any template or building plans?

I can't wait to see what you do with it when it's all finished. I assume you're not actually using it to bury oneone, since you posed this under "Decorating & Prop Building." :lol:
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By MaryBritton89
I kind of winged it since I had to work with the length of the crate and not a full sized coffin. I did look up dimensions to determine where I should cut the shoulder angles (roughly at 22% of the over all length). Looking back, I wish I had made the base skinnier than the head. Both top and bottom are 17".

I'm currently looking for a motor to open/close the lid once I get some hinges on there. And we're going to put the fog machine inside the coffin to see how it comes out all the cracks.

It took about three hours (the neighbors looked a little wary since it's August, lol).