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By ghostface
Even into the first episode, I'm loving Hotel. Right out of the gate of the they showed off to us that this season was going to be gruesome, trippy, and über sexy. Can't wait for tonight's episode! Already loving Gaga, but I've been a fan of hers, so I'm biased :lol:. My favorite season has DEFINITELY been Coven. My least being Asylum, and Freakshow and Murder House somewhere between the two.
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By DeadKing
I'm also liking Hotel. I agree, it is gory, sexual and quite trippy. It is too early to say anything more about it, but we will see how it continues to develop. My favorite so far was Asylum.
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By paddy_babe
season 8 Apocalypse is now airing, what do we think of it so far?
I like the look of it and I can see where it crossed over into Murder House but I'm wondering how they'll tie in Coven....
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By staticfurball
Haven't watched it yet. Gonna PVR a few epusodes then do a binge watch. Heard its good so far.
By Zee
DeadKing wrote:I do not know.. I have mixed feelings for now.. I miss Jessica, heard that she will be in this one for a small part.. I hope so.
Nailed it! Off to a slow start imo.
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By paddy_babe
I'm looking forward to the Coven tie in and I think the apocalypse idea has a lot of promise. I'll keep watching I guess, if I survived Roanoke, I'll survive any season :lol: