Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
How about using a couple of other Hocus Pocus names to go along with Binx? If you find her real family just wait untill halloween is over before you give her back. :)
Lets see, I can only think of Billy Butcherson, Winnie, Mary, Sarah Sanderson, Ernie or Ice, Alison, & Thackery from 'Pocus. Im sure there are others and I'm not sure if any would work.
monstermash wrote:I think she should be Zombie Pumpkins offical black cat. :)
Hear, Hear!!! :-) (or is it, "Here, Here"?)

I'm going to carve Cat got yer tougue this year so that's pretty close! :lol:
As part of my Birthday, my bestie took me to Dollar Tree. hahahaha - She knows me so well

This is what I picked up for my haunt - I can't wait to paint those Skulls! and the birds! I love love love them - I think I need more.

IMG_0177 by Lala (Shady Lane Studios), on Flickr

IMG_0178 by Lala (Shady Lane Studios), on Flickr
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