Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
The zombie's plate of food was great. But I like the spider silhouette in the window behind him and all of the candles set up at the entrance. Great job all around!

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I have pix of the haunt to share (other than the video) but I had to share the Halloween Shopping Clearance Bonanza of 2012 :-)

All together, I think I spent about $35 at 4 different stores. I think I was happiest to find the 3 orange and 1 WHITE foamies!!!! Yay! I can carve this year!

DSCN7773 by Lala (Shady Lane Studios), on Flickr

I also got a flaming caldron and a mister - they didn't make it into the photo. I am excited for the costume - Winged Reaper - I'm going to use him for my reaper next year.

I scored this stuff today

DSCN7774 by Lala (Shady Lane Studios), on Flickr

Also got more pumpkin masters carving tools (as everyone comes over here and carves and I never seem to have enough)
Quite Possibly my favorite photo from Halloween 2012 - me and my Daddy. and people wonder why I'm weird?

DSCN7756 by Lala (Shady Lane Studios), on Flickr

The Crew (My Mom took the pic so she's not in it, and my hubby was at work)

DSCN7744 by Lala (Shady Lane Studios), on Flickr

Me, My Daddy, My bestie and her kids, and my Godson (in his Tin-tin Costume. I made it!)

My Zombie in the "Zombie Feeding Area"

DSCN7736 by Lala (Shady Lane Studios), on Flickr
Lala wrote:

Okay, I tried to do this right - me, doing a crappy video! (of my haunt!)
I'm really happy to see more of you posting videos of your decorations.  It really helps convey what it's like to be there, walking around the space.  Everyone comes up with creative ways to spread around the pumpkins and other props, depending on the space allowed in the yard and house.  Your haunted house looks like fun, Lala.  The front gate fits the theme, especially with cobwebs. I'd love to join your zombie for dinner, I think we'd have a lot in common.   :D

I love the photos of your crazy crew too.  I trust you all had a good time, and with your clearance deals you're all set for Halloween 2013.  It's closer than we realize!
Aaaaahhhh! Reunited, and it feeeeeels so GOOD!

I've been popping in here and there to check things out, but I really feel HOME now.

We are having our FIRST Halloween party in our new home this year, on October 26th.

Costumes are also in the works, We will be being Magenta and Riff-Raff from RHPS!

Halloween Props pix that I'm going to start working on are coming soon!
man, too excited for Halloween now!

Party decor ideas:

Our living room/dining room/part of the house I use for an "office" are all one big room.
The central thing is a giant stone fireplace, so I am looking forward to doing something with that.

I want the decor to be "spooky yet elegant with a little bit of CREEPY"!

The walls are yellow...not sure what I will do, they are pretty "cheerful" - ideas?

Bathroom for guests will be all bloody, already have a ton of stuff for that.

Kitchen will be a knives/torture etc kind of feel.
Nice to see you're in full halloween mode HB.
A great big stone fireplace you say? I'd be tempted to have a cauldron next to it and go down the route of a sort of witches house full of cobwebs, candles, skulls and all manner of potions. It gives you plenty of options for spooky props but at the same time look elegant.

I can't remember where I saw these pics but something like this (maybe not as elaborate). Ive always wanted to decorate a room like this.

For your yellow walls maybe something simple but striking like these creepy spiders would take any notion of "cheerful" away. :twisted:

You could have laterns, candles and lots of interesting poison bottles here and there.


Hope these inspire you and as always, i'll look forward to your progress pics.
This was the first year I actually able to stay home and give out candy, and I was really excited for our display....we got 5 trick or treaters :-( my neighborhood was completely empty, everyone left to go to Trunk or Treat or other things. I may have cried a little. anyway, some photos!

My cat likes Pumpkin guts




Image (pumpkins are bicycle girl and rick



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By Lala

After being super disappointed, We took in all of the big stuff at 8:30 and headed over to our friends house to see his decor. (photos below are from my friends haunt)

I had fun with Michael Myers


Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

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By Lala
zombombie wrote:That's a really great display HB, love your Myers and Beetlejuice :)
Those actually are at my friend's house, not ours, but I loved them too!
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