Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
Don't feel too bad about the lack of trick or treaters. At least you had fun decorating. And you have photos to show people for years. Including Halloween nuts like us.

Your props and pumpkins are cool, and the naturally existing things (like all the leaves, and even your fence) help set the mood. I like your creepy butler dude on the porch.
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By Lala
I found some "vintage" (1986, heh) metal platters/plates at the thrift store today. Not sure what I am going to do with them, but they were too cute and cheap to pass up!


Soooooo after a pretty depressing spring/summer - I need HALLOWEEN like now. We moved in April - I loved my house, but we found a great deal on a house on the same street as my parents, and it is SO SO SO much bigger - like twice as big. My yard however, is smaller, and I no longer have my beautiful iron fence or cool porch. HOWEVER - I DO have a big window in front with a window seat that I am going to put a display in, plus another kitchen window, and a small porch.

We don't have any plans really for Halloween other than staying home with the haunt and a friend coming over to watch movies, but that's okay.

I will take some photos tomorrow of the new house so you can see what I have to work with :thumbsup:

I have been saving jars and bottles to make lots of potions for my witches lair (near kitchen window)
Some random photos - I am slowly cleaning up (yes, I cleaned up the spider and cob webs in prep for adding fake ones....) and starting to decorate. Some foamies will be in the window seat window (there are actually some there now, but you can't see them in my crappy photo), and some will be near the other window in the flowerbox (I think?) I have 3 uncarved foamies that I have been saving.



and just because, here's a photo of Binx! 3 years old, and she still looks like a kitten!
amandap80 wrote:Isn't it funny that we clean up before we add fake dirt and skulls and spiders? :lol: Adorable kitty!

I know right! Lily Munster would be disgusted in me for all the dusting I do before cob webbing and adding fake dust. I'd rather take a rubber spider over the threat of a real one any day though :pale:

Binx is looking great, I bet she loves this time of year as much as we do.
I really caught the "I must decorate NOW" bug this weekend. I tend to like to do it slowly, not all at once (seriously, people just put up whatever). I found the Halloween boxes in the garage and was extra happy today.

...finds box in the garage, just as the neighbor is outside with her dog "Look honey, I found the box with the skeletons and severed limbs! yayyy!" She ran into her house. ooops.

Some piccies

This is the only tree in the yard I could hang tiny skeletons from. I need more skeletons!

I was amused by this.

and this. hahahahahhaaaaaa


A mad scientist lab idea is coming together, but it would require taking all of the books out of stepsons bookcase, put it outside and secure it, and then fill it and make it look spooky. I'm not quite sure where I will be going with that though. huh
It's great that you have neighbors that are upping the game. When my neighbors put out their pumpkins one week before the official start of fall, I thought "game on". So, I put out 15 pumpkins, 10 gourds, corn stalks, hay bales, scarecrows, doormats, flag, and doorbell sign. I thought for sure they would respond with more, but nothing. :roll: Maybe I came on a little too strong? :lol:

In my entire subdivision, only about 3 homes have gotten into the spirit. This weekend is when we will transition from fall to Halloween. It must be great to have neighbors that egg each other on.
Neighbors now have a graveyard for their entire yard. I will be making one too, but a smaller one. I'm more about the spooky and less about gross (I will have zombies but they are on the edges - I like having a haunt that you really have to look to spy everything)

I leave for a trip with Mom on Thursday so all decorating has to stop until I get back :-( I am going to try to carve "Simply Meant to Be" and one with Victory/Emily on it later on some foamies.
Well I ran out of time and my lighting for the haunt wouldn't work :-( I do have some photos for for now you get a cheesy video!

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