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By monstermash
Superb work, I really like the font you've used. It fits perfectly. I'm currently working on 17!! gravestones that I made last year. Just touch ups really but its never ending. Your work is spurring me on. :)
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By Lala
Wow - they are all awesome. I think I will try this for next year, it will be a year long project though!
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By ghostface
WOW :shock: That is absolutely amazing!!!! :D
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Wow, most excellent tombstones. The moss, the drops, the blood. I gotta get me some of that hot blood. Great way to get 3D drips. without a mess once it dries solid.
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By Raven
Oh, those are excellent! The blood is the perfect touch! Outstanding work!
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By scully
Hi! The tombstones are amazing, I love the writing on the Poe one but they are all really great!
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By staticfurball
Me too I'd love to have a year round Horror shop.
BigScience wrote:How did you get the water streak stain effect on your stones?
Oops sorry this was missed. It is likely far too late. But I just used really watered down greenish brown paint. Laid it flat and put a whole bunch in the top crease...then stood it up and shook it a little to let it drip down.