Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
By Kitty Kat
:lol: Window Clings that rock-

Go to any hobby lobby ( sorry thats where I go) to the
fabric department and purchase the polished clear vinyl it
is about $1.00- $4.00 a yard. Get sharpies in black and in colors
and get your favorite Zombie Pumpkins patterns. Place vinyl
over the pattern and trace with sharpie (a fat marks alot
black permanent marker) works great for filling in with black
color. if you want to use other colors you will have to use black on
one side and flip it over and color in on the other side so the
black marker wont bleed. now give it a day for the marker to
dry and dont stack them on top of each other without adding paper in between (causes pics to blend to one another) when
they are ready take your fingers and add a small bit of water to
them and rub it on the side that you are sticking to the window
this just helps them cling. Now on halloween add a black light
or a lamp with an orange or purple bulb to give them an errie glow
and you have a fun window display and you can make them as big or samll as you want. I will share pics of it soon but at my daycare
the kids love em and its a great way to plug Zombie Pumpkins too!
Happy Halloween Yall
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By Dr. Frybrain
It doesn't 'cling' on its own, but it is very simple to print a pattern onto transparancy film (from the office supply store), and just tape them to the window.

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By Raven
Great ideas!

They also have special window cling paint and transparent paper. Use the paint on the special paper and let dry. Once dry the design peels off the paper and will cling to the window.
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By mudd
ooh ooh ooh, like that snow in a can for christmas stuff. there should be one for halloween, halloween in a can in different aromas. zombie , pumpkin,death, rot, decay, and other favorite ghoulish aromas. okay i just over thought this a lil bit. :)
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By Dr. Frybrain
minion_of_the_pumpkin wrote:just spray paint your windows lol jk
Actually, that would work well. I have painted on glass before, and it comes off easily with a razor blade.
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By minion_of_the_pumpkin
ya and you can do anything you want with it like any sayings or logo's and stuff
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By CombichristGirl
i really like these ideas and may have to try them at some points great tips :)
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By scully
Another idea is to use acrylic paints as they wash right off with water (or even easier with window cleaner) Im referring to the little bottles you can purchase at craft stores that are water soluable.