Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
Just setting up a test rig tonight... now in fact! :lol:
boy's & their toy's ...daughter was jumping in the playground when I showed her this afternoon, a veritable 5 yr old Hallowindow nut, she makes me watch hallowindow most nights on the website!
I'll see what can be done if I can find a pesky sheet & drawing pins..
Had people (neighbours) watching this evening, ..."so that's what you're up to this year"

Another Neighbour just drove by & their kid was getting a tad excited,...he spent the next 30 mins watching from his parents bedroom window.

I had the bulb running on Economy /LOW, Movie & high altitude, the bulb was running really cool from the 2x fans, so have no worries as to heat, it was balanced on my favourite retro 1930's red leather foot-lounger-stool, ..fine tuneing may not be that necessary , just ironing & stretching the sheet I found.

Total set up time 5 minutes from start to finish!
Just need to look at sound relay.
Luckily the solitary streetlamp I had concerns about don't seem to affect the performance, will hike the brightness up & see if that helps at all.

Think I'm going to simply cram all of the discs contents onto 1 disc & loop it, that way it doesn't grate too much if people hang around.

Well impressed!

Nos you're really missing a trick here!

(nb I love Halloween Zero footage & the actual trick or treat flouresecent signage pieces best so far, they really stand out for my location, just wish my windows were not split frame type, not that it detracts much you still have alot of fun, it will certainly keep visitors stationary)
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By sloaner
I just set up my window display and it looks great. I had two cars stop in front of the house to watch Hallowindow.
By Pbpro9988
i got an email today from mark, he added more d/l content for instant access, it looks pretty sweet
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By Dr. Frybrain
I use the Big Scream TV DVD, but I try to mix it up a bit different each year. Once I closed the shear drapes in the front window, and rear projected onto it. Another year I set the projector in the yard, near the sidewalk, and projected onto the front of the house.

This year, I'm going to set a monitor in the rear window of my Hearse, parked in the front yard!
By Steerboy
Just happened upon this thread today and would love to use it along with my projector. The only problem is that I don't think I'll have enough time to get the DVD if I order.

Does anyone know what the deal with the downloadble versions are? Can I use Adobe Premiere to edit them together and loop them? Is the quality of the download versions good enough to project onto a window?

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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Steerboy, I guess nobody here had the answer to your question. Did you try the downloadable versions of Hallowindow? Any luck?
Any links arranged for each of our favourite halloween sites Ryan?
I'd like to think both would do well from the exposure.
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