Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Couldn't resist. I will soon be the owner of Hallowindow III. Looks great.
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By nosferatu
I love it but unfortunately don't have a projector and our DVD player does not play NTSC discs. Therefore I am afraid I will have to leave it for this year although I am tempted to buy just to have it
Nos, which dvd player, by whom? & which model? ..I take it you've looked for a M/region hack??

OR after finding out your dbvd is not hackable, you could buy from (spits) Tescos there budget own brand multiregion dvd player for about £11.00

If you wanted to do anything eg perspex projection (which is what I did with our 32" lcd last year..
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By S.A.M
The DVDs are actually region free, well the one I have is, I would assume that they all are. I see on the Hallowindow site that it says the DVD is in NTSC but I think they are referring to the video format rather than the disc region.

As far as I know most modern (PAL) TVs are capable of displaying NTSC video signals from a DVD player, you shouldn't have any problems unless your TV or DVD player are fairly old.

Do check first though, I mean I'd feel terrible if you ordered it and it didn't work.
S.A.M. ...picked it up last night ...will report back asap.

did a hack job set up with the xbox 360 & projector onto a burnt umber ( dark orangey) wall...

Have been watching 10 mins or so of daughters various dvds from cold no messing around with settings... wall-e, monsters inc, cars, NBC, amongst others
Very impressed with it so far, daughter (5) is ecstatic currently, ..& at the thought of a much bigger picture than am currently displaying (77 inches)

Just need my own copy of Hallowindow & start experimenting.. poc-corn has been out since noon, it's going to be a long day of films i reckon.
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By Thunderclap
I bought this dvd last year but did not have a projector then. I just won a projector on ebay,so this year i will have the Hallowindow. Very psyched to see it at Halloween!
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By SaneInsideInsanity
all this talk is making me want one badly
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By nosferatu
S.A.M wrote: Do check first though, I mean I'd feel terrible if you ordered it and it didn't work.
Then I would just have to buy a projector! Fantastic idea. I am going to order them regardless now. It is just so different, EVERYONE will love it.
This one has 2 fans in (altitude / additional cooling) & shuts down in around 15 seconds on a cooling off cycle.
Impressed with the general factory settings, I wasn't even watching in high power, & the addition of the screen really pulled the colour together.

(tempted to check out proper projector wall paint though).
just checked Hallowindows twitter..

@LAx213 There's a package deal on the DVDs but not on the downloads. no Hallowindow III downloads yet. closer to halloween most likely.
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By S.A.M
Good to hear you're having fun with the projector GUS :D Did you mention you were thinking of doing a garage doorway projection for Halloween?? I can't remember haha so unlike me, anyway I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to with it come Halloween.
Looking at a bay window 12 ft wide (where I had my chop shop & holograms (sic) last year, I don't want to spend even more time setting up this year which is a reason for the projector, + it's very cold here on the edge of the fields with the wind blowing, so I'd like to have as much control over things as possible this year including a nice warm stove-fire with minimal halloween clutter in the rest of the room (had to ive lots of room & shift furniture over last year! (weed blocker is your friend) so this will be my BIG addition to this years stuff, & hopefully free up some time to be slightly more creative rather than shove cheap fillers everywhere, I plan to run a fog machine or two from inside if possible, though the one I use for the animatronics is the only unit with a wireless remote..

Anyone who knows what will fit the Halloween / CONSTANT FX , machine in terms of a wireless remote please let me know via this thread as my "mere" 700 watt one packs up halfway through the night no matter what, due to cold..

I have a spare plastic icebox cooler & time to make some large ice blocks so hopefully will create low fog , however wind conditions here are NEVER favourable, so that may change.
I may be helping my opposite neighbour out this year with the holograms if they are redundant on our set up, lawn hasn't been cut all summer so is looking suitably grave-yardy which is a start.
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