Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By amandap80
Thanks for all the kind words! My outside display was smaller this year - so this made me feel a little better :jack_o_lantern:
mesmark wrote:
Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:00 pm
The house, inside and out look great!. Is the projection over the garage new? Is that just a spot light type projection?
I had it last year, but didn't feature it in many photos; I just couldn't get it to photograph correctly. It's just a cheap spotlight style $9 gizmo from Walmart, but it was green witches so I HAD TO BUY IT.
I see now, that it's not projected over a garage, but that's just the side of the house. :oops:
I've seen those spotlight projects and have been tempted to buy one. They seem like they would work well in a display if you can find the right place for them, at the right distance.

I was thinking of buying some for Christmas. For Halloween I don't do much of anything outdoors or in the dark, so if I bough a Halloween spot light, ... I could use it in my bedroom, I guess :lol:

I always like the corn stalks on the piles of the front porch, that scare crow and big nasty spider. Your house is nice and spooky but I think if I was a kid, I could make it to the door ... maybe ... :ghost:

The two zombie/swirly-eyed jacks are fantastic! They make a great pair.

Thanks for posting all of the photos!
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