Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
So purpleworm and I are working on a new project this year. Since our yards are side by side we are combining our efforts to coordinate a Hansel & Gretel theme. Here is my first prop. Carved from insulation foam and painted. Working on some other sinister treats to go with it.
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Purplrworm a d I have just ordered our annimated witches for the yard and I cant wait to get them and tske pics! We also copleted the roofs for the gingerbread houses so we are well on our way. Ill pist pics soon. excited!
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Im using big blue sheets of insulation foam and carving them with hot knife.
The sheets I have right now are 1 inch thick and I buy the by the 4ft x 8ft sheet.
You mentioned layering them, is that how u do the pumpkins? Not quite sure what to use to glue them together if I did that.
Yes, I used 3 or 4 layers of the sheets. I cut them with a box knife.

You can glue them together with any glue. I used a glue similar to Elmers to make fence posts. It worked fine and the posts have been good for years, but it takes a day or two for them to dry. These days, I use hot glue. It works perfectly and dries in a minute. Sometimes that's too quick and it becomes like a game :D
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Set up the gingerbread house and made the top for my witches cauldron too. Gonna add my props now that Its close to show time!
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