Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
Since one of my favorite Tim Burton movies turns 30 tomorrow, I wanted to make some props related to the movie. I'm using them for a photo/video shoot. And later this book will make a nice conversation piece on my coffee table (even though it reads like stereo instructions).


The handbook says "live people ignore the strange and unusual." I myself am strange and unusual.

Here's a time-lapse video to show how I made the book:

I found the front cover with a Google image search (I believe it’s a scan of a Handbook journal that you can buy). Then I made the full cover jacket in Photoshop - I added the spine and back cover textures, drawing in some shadows and weathering. I made it to be color-matched and properly sized for the old book I planned to cover. Then had it printed on tabloid-sized paper at the local copy center. I glued it down with Mod Podge - with a few coats on top (allowed to dry between coats) to seal it.

I also made fliers and business cards for the freelance bio-exorcist. I found some images for these online, but they weren't high resolution so I recreated them in Illustrator.

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