Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
By jhouze
So I have picked my display of 6 pumpkins that I am going to carve this year. It's always top secret until I'm done. Four will be carved and illuminated the traditional way, either candle or pumpkin light inside. But two will not be hollowed out, so I'm looking for ideas for lighting up just these two pumpkins so the entire display will still be visible in the dark. I'm thinking flood like would be too much light but I'm open to ideas.
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By shaft28
Well if not a flood light and it is in a dark area, may be string them with orange lights or have them sit on a nest of them.
I have a couple dark spots in the yard that a pumpkin with lights just doesn't make it bright enough and I use a red flood light. The pumpkin, as long as it isn;t in the direct head on beam, still lights up well.

May be a camping lantern?
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By mesmark
What about a couple tea-light LED candles around them?

For more light, you can also use a pumpkin light and place boards, a tissue box, or something to block the light in the areas you don't want it. For example I use a spot light to light my sign, but I place U-shaped foam board pieces around it to block the light from being to bright for the guests as they walk up.

pumpkin______light _ _ _ _ _ _
__ :)____ __ _ :idea: ________ |_____ blocked
_____________ _____ _ ____ _

You can also cover an LED spot light with filters - those clear plastic files work, you can also use the colored ones to get some tint (not much unless you really layer it.) Just watch out for heat with the light, even LED.

Do you have a picture of the space you plan to use?