Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By Cirrus
That is so cool! We love camping but have never been able to celebrate Halloween on the road. It looks like so much fun!
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By mesmark

What was the event? Just a fall theme camping trip or was it a Halloween themed event?

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By shutterbug
We were going camping for the w/e, so found a campground doing their Halloween, so...set up! Actually the KOA in Port Huron has 4 w/e! We have ben a setup there for 4-5 yrs, and you'll shell out over 1000pces ea weekend. Usually the folks that buy the stuff and make it scary win any of the prizes. They don't usually judge after dark when mine is at it's peak. Last year there were about 37 "kin" on display...24 were foam & the rest spread throughout...everything hand done!
I thought that's what I have done for the fotos, but they come up as the link, not the shot...I'll try again!
...thanks...that werks much better!!
These are from last years Port Huron show. The guy beside us was there for all 4 w/e.
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By shaft28
That looks like a ton of fun (although a lot to haul for camping!). Great work!