Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By S.A.M
That is one awesome display :D I love how you've decorated the porch, the scarecrows are wicked! Are their bodies made using corn stalks? It all looks so atmospheric with the pumpkins, lights and fog, I love it! :love: And your you look amazing!! I hope you got loads of visitors and trick or treaters come to see your hard work :) Phenomenal :thumbsup:
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By mesmark
Fantastic display! I'm always well impressed with hay bails and all of the pumpkins. It must be so awesome for your neighbors to walk around in that. I also really like the giant spider on the side of the porch. I have an unnatural fear of spiders so they make a very creepy Halloween decoration in my opinion.

I'm also jealous of everyone's outdoor displays and your fog machines. I'd love to be able to add something like that to my Halloween, but unfortunate I work inside for the most part.

Your costume looked great and the book and broom were excellent!