Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
These are absolutely the most amazing things I've ever seen!
Those mascots are the coolest, and most amazing ever!
I don't know how you do it, the 3D is just perfect, not to even mention the designs themselves!
And it's just fantastic to see the progress of the "lab", it's absolutely fantastic! :shock:
Looking the eyeballs out of my head, seriously!
I did something similar a few years in a row together with a friend who owns a shop in Halloweendecorations.
We started in July and picked a theme, then we made props, decor and decorated the entire shop and property to match the theme.
Then we did a Halloweennight where people could go for free and enjoy the atmosphere of Halloweenmagic :D
We also did some carving to decorate the entire property, after a year he started to grow his own pumpkins for this.
We had a small team of people helping us out, all working together carving.
We then, at the end of the Halloweennight held a pumpkin giveaway so the people could take home the carved pumpkins as a token.
I beleve the last year we did this (I think now about 2 years ago) the theme was "Horror mortuary", I still have some foto's somewhere, even of the progress of creating the props.
We even got hand on a real hearse we could hire from somebody, put a coffin in it with some pumpkins around it.
But seriously, you sir, . . . . , are a creative genious!
Thanks everybody! It's very encouraging to hear such positive feedback. Especially since right about this time in the project I begin to get a bit stressed and down about the whole thing. But, today I got some great wok done and hopefully I'm back on schedule ... :frank:

I'm almost done with the machine. Some parts are painted and just need to dry.

Here's what I've done so far.

I made some gauges. I cut out some covers and using colored file folders, I made backings and drew on some silly gauge ideas. I blackened some tooth picks and added them as the needles:


Here is the power switch. I painted it today and I'll add it to the machine tomorrow. The base foam pieces will be metalic silver and I brushed some gray onto the handle to make it look older and stand out a bit more for pictures. We'll see how that goes ...


I added this circuit board to the side. It's from an old TV. I then just cliped some of the wires and glued them randomly to the machine.


A friend came by who is big on wiring LED lights. He worked for a few hours to wire lights behind the gauges and some little dot lights below the gauges.


Here is is without the power switch, which will go in the center. And, without the power cells that will go on top:


It ought to look good with the Frankenstein table and some Tesla Coil type thingies.
Wow, its looking amazing! the power switch is so cool, and the center looks like the real deal! those lights finish it all up so nicely.
And what a great idea to add the circuit board and glue the wires!
The entire thing just looks great, can't wait to see the finished project!
I haven't been commenting on your thread Mes because each time I come for a look i'm rendered speechless. You never fail to disappoint with your creations, I know the disheartened feeling but it will pass. :D You always have the right amount of detail. Some people *cough,me,cough* get hung up on tiny details that no one sees anyway. Your props are big, bold, interesting to look at and most importantly convey your theme instantly. The LED's really pop! The Mascots are such fun, the happy halloween sign is excellent. Keep on plugging away at it all, your dedication keeps me motivated to create more spookiness! Can't wait to see more :thumbsup:
I don't even know what to say about that machine.. it's just so damn cool. I showed it to my husband and even used curse words. I can't wait to see it all together and I'm thinking I might need to come to Japan and crash your school party.
That looks amazing! Don't get too overwhelmed, enjoy the process. It is so much fun to see what you come up with; I feel like I need to make more stuff this year!
Thanks for all the kind words and support! The party and projects are coming along.

I do tend to get a bit down between the main projects and the party prep. I think it has to do with putting other stuff off - I didn't exercise for 2 weeks, little tending to the garden and stuff like that. But, it all works out. I got a lot done last weekend so I had time to get some grass cut and I've run 3 times this week. I might be back to normal and ready for this to really get going! :frank:

From here on out, it's all smaller details, but I've finished the machine.

I added the power cells on top with some coils and wires:

I also printed some warning signs. Some I glued to the machine and some I'll add to the walls at the party:

For the Tesla coils, I just made some simple bases and used PVC pipes. You can see them in the center of my workshop here. Since the room will be dark and the plasma balls on top will draw the most attention, I've decided to just go simple with this part:

A little blurry, but I made these Frankenstein heads to do a little bowling game. I'm going to add some bols to the necks but for the most part, these are done:

I finished a card game to play at the party, Build a Monster:

Kids will turn over cards and try to find all of the pieces of the monster. Build the monster and you win! There are two mad scientist cards that will poison and kill anyone who dares try to create another monster. Don't fret, though. There is also a cure card. If you have the cure card, you can survive one attack by the scientist. :frank:

That's all for now. Unfortunately, tomorrow I have to make worksheets ... :thumbsdown:
...Eh...It seems you have been invaded by pumpkins! Are they the angry, pitchfork wielding villagers coming to tear down your laboratory? :wink:

That bowling game is such a cool idea. You're knocking it out of the park Mes!
Like monstermash, I have resisted on commenting so far as there are only so many superlatives in the English language and by the end of the thread I would have simply run out. Your creations are one of the highlights of Halloween for me but this year's already looks extra special. "it's alive!" I find your creativity astonishing, the overall look is already stunning, can't wait for more. I'm so jealous! I think those of us in the UK who have limited Halloweens live them vicariously through you!
monstermash wrote:...Eh...It seems you have been invaded by pumpkins! Are they the angry, pitchfork wielding villagers coming to tear down your laboratory? :wink:
I wish they were that exciting ... the pumpkins are squat little things that keep rotting on me when it's still prop making season. :thumbsdown:

9 down and counting. I've got 4-5 on the edge. I should carve them but they've already got soft spots. :?
nosferatu wrote:... Your creations are one of the highlights of Halloween for me but this year's already looks extra special. "it's alive!" I find your creativity astonishing, the overall look is already stunning, can't wait for more. ...
Thanks! But I was just thinking today .. "I haven't really made that much this year, and now it's carving time ..." I think I spent too much time on the machine. :frank:

I did make another set of props:

In the laboratory, the 2 outside nuclear rod canisters will be used in a game. Kids will have to use some skeleton hands to move the 'nuclear rod' from one canister to the other without dropping it. If they drop it, it will explode killing everyone at the party and all those within a 1.5km radius. And they lose the game.

the extremely complicated inner workings of the canister

really need to have a conversation with quality control at the China plant:

The big drum in the back is just that. I'm just going to place it somewhere to take up space.

The nuclear rod canisters were made out of old coffee cans. They were the super large canisters from Costco. i just painted them black and the labels were printed on regular paper and glued on.