Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
pagemaster1993 wrote:Is it just me or do they seem to have a wood texture to them? Either way those are way cool.
They're actually a little porous. The surface is a bit like sand art. You can sand it down and get a bit smoother finish. I sanded these a bit and in doing so, I had some scratch like abrasions from edges or pushing too hard. However, I just left them to add some more character to the pumpkins.

The foam boards that I use do need to be sanded a bit or they're really hard to paint.
matspud wrote:"pretty good" !!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Thanks! Yeah, I'm being a bit humble I guess. They turned out nice. I would have liked them to be more like the original designs but I think that's the best I can do with foam.
shaft28 wrote:Dude...duuude. Those are freaking amazing!
Thanks! I've still got them sitting in my living room, decorating my entertainment center. :frank:

Following MM's advice, I did try a deeper cavity version of Dawn. My thought was to put a glow bracelet inside. I painted the back a lighter shade than the others, but since the cavity is deeper, it's darker. I need to go and buy some glow bracelets and then I can check whether the effect works ...


matspud wrote:Mes, go on Etsy and search for "3d printed Frantenstein light switch" :-) Really cool.
Those light switches are really cool. They've made me change my previous design and I'm going to try to replicate something a bit more like those old fashion switches.

Got a bit of work done today on my lab equipment.

the table

the machine:

I'm going to add some plasma plates and quite a few gauges. It will have a big 'on'/'off' switch and some things across the top. I didn't take a picture of my plan, but maybe I'll add that tomorrow.

Here are some things one of my friends dropped off today:

I'm going to paint this and add it to the machines control console

a working amp/receiver. I'll just place this on a table with other random machines and plug it in.

an old typewriter. Again another table item.

These are lights that I assume work, but I may just add them to my machine somewhere as decorative pieces.

an old mother board from a TV set. I may just glue it to the side of my machine for some more random pieces

and this was my idea. I made some power cells to go on top of the machine. I'll have some wires attached to them.

The top and bottom of this are PVC pipe pieces. Then I cut up a green file folder and made it into a tube to place inside. Using the small pumpkin strobe light, I plan to light it up. So far it looks great when I tested it. All in all this prop costed $3 (since I already had the pumpkin lights) :thumbsup:

I have some more time tomorrow to work, so I should have more updates soon.
I got some work done today on the Halloween sign.

I'm going to make some t-shirts this year for the event and give them out to the people who help out. Here's the image for the back of the t-shirts:

here's my work on the sign.

first the pumpkin mascot:

and the whole deal:

I might start painting it tonight or tomorrow. I'll post some pictures when it's finished.
April May wrote:Ridiculously awesome! :frank:
Thanks! :frank:

I've finished the sign project.

Original plan:

finished sign:

Close ... It's pretty fragile. All the pieces are barely touching and just put together with a little hot glue. It's the bolts that I'm the most worried about. Anyway, I needed a good place to keep it until the party ...


I'm sure that's going to be fine ... :D

I already told someone else on the forum that I hated them because of their awesome talent, so I'll just keep my mouth shut, or my fingers from typing. :wink:

Seriously, everything is completely spectacular! I'm insanely jealous and want everything you make, especially the mascots! :thumbsup: I'm looking forward to seeing everything put together.
Raven wrote:Seriously, everything is completely spectacular! I'm insanely jealous and want everything you make, especially the mascots! :thumbsup: I'm looking forward to seeing everything put together.
Thanks! You guys are all very supportive. Having the sign finished is a big step.

On to the machine today :D

Everyone should have the mascots. They're turning out to be some of the best and most versatile decorations I have. We didn't get matched in the swap this year, but you never know when and where ZP madness will strike ... :frank:
Dude, this is some of the most creative and amazing stuff I've seen here. The attention to detail, and your diligence is very inspiring. I hope I have the time and motivation to do something like this one day!! You rock so hard!
Man. I am just blown away! I am working on a "lab" for our display but it won't be even close. You are the Master!

I would keep that Happy Halloween Sign up in my house all year round, just were you have it! :thumbsup: