Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By BigScience

About 70 jacks in all now. Added 25 this year. 1
New headstone, Hitchcock. WAs planning on more, but a 6 week old baby boy in the house trumps halloween plans. :D

Off year on number of trick or treaters. Down to about 400 due to threat of bad weather and heavy snow. Usually looking about 800.

Reevaluating how to best display jacks next year. Thinking of building "bleachers" with built in lighting. Will work on it when summer break rolls around.
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By sloaner
Great video. That's exactly what I hop to do if I get a bigger yard. I love having a group of pumpkins that all go together and you do that so well. Too bad the weather wasn't the best but you still had ALOT of kids. We had a bit of rain but went up from 75 last year to about 90. I'm hoping to break into 100 next year since it will be on a Saturday.
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By shaft28
Love the whole set up, looks amazing man!