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By nosferatu
I was so impressed with Mesmark's foam mascots. Like really impressed, that I decided I wanted some mascots of my own. Foam is expensive here so sadly mine are just going to be painted on MDF.

Work in progress and apologies as I seem to be unable to load the pics direct.
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By matspud
These are fantastic. I agree with Zom. different - but in no way inferior. You must be really chuffed with how they have turned out :D The colouring and shading are perfect. 8) 8)
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By mesmark
Nos, thanks for the nod, but your mascot versions are inspirational! Makes me think I should have spent a little more effort making mine ... :?

I also enjoyed looking through some of your other older projects. Your murals are fantastic! Also, I was reminded of some of the bag projects you did in the past. Seeing your passion and efforts has given me a second wind :D

Too bad foam is so expensive there. The only real plus to foam is you can make very large (and light) decorations. It's easy to cut but the stuff I get is hard to paint. From what I've seen in pictures, the pink stuff might be better to work with.

Did you use a jigsaw to carve out those mascots?
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By nosferatu
Yeah, used a jigsaw but only had a fairly coarse blade.

Your mascots are miles better than mine. They are 3d and look professional. As soon as I saw them, they inspired me to do something. I wanted to create something for Halloween. I'm pretty busy at the moment and hadn't planned on doing anything at all for Halloween but seeing your mascots made me sacrifice sleep. They were that good.

The mural is another work in progress. It's in my son's room. He used to have the Lion King but has outgrown it. I spend about half an hour a day on it and have since added Iron Man. I plan on doing a faded comic strip background to give it a bit more depth.

If I try foam, I might do something large scale but definitely not this year!
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By S.A.M
Yowzers! Nos your take on the mascots is amazing, I love them. They look just stunning and I know you said they're not 3D but with the shadow & shading they look to be, I wish I had the artistic skill to make anything half as good as that. They look like they've jumped straight out of the site, bloody hell they're great :lol: The style brings to mind cel shading used in some video games / comic books, did I say I love them? Oh yeah :thumbsup:
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By shaft28
Seriously I wish I had half the talent of you guys, love all these projects.
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By Raven
I keep skipping commenting on this because I can't come up with a suitable word to describe how awesome they are. Perhaps transcendent or splendiferous. :thumbsup: