Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
Cant wait to see more, love it. Would it be creepy if i copy everything you do? lol craft wise of course :thumbsup:
Thanks for the nice comments. It's always nice to share these projects with you guys every year. The encouragement I receive helps to keep the energy up :pirate:

I want to do something else, just to show you guys :D
staticfurball wrote:Cant wait to see more, love it. Would it be creepy if i copy everything you do? lol craft wise of course :thumbsup:
I'd be flattered. It would just be hard to watch you guys (MM included) make much nicer versions :?

If something inspires you, I'd love to see your version. Two years ago was the reaper contest. Maybe this year could be the build-a-zombie pumpkin year :thumbsup:

Here they are. All painted:




and all three together:

They are still drying and I have them set on some scrap foam pieces. So, if you notice those in the background, that's what those are. I'm really happy with Dawn and Night. Revenge is my favorite of the mascots but I think I could have done a better job. His eyes were wrong and the eyebrows stick out too much. Makes him look like a cat :P

Anyway, they'll be nice additions to the photo spot this year.
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monstermash wrote:These are lovely, Mes. The layering is a fantastic idea, they already seem to jump out at you before you've even painted them.
MM - "dawn" seems to work really well in this fashion. "night" as well. I felt like I didn't need to do any rounding of the edges. The hard edges of the layered foam worked well, in my opinion.

I rounded of the edges a bit for "revenge" . Could have been a mistake ...

I always wanted to make some ZP mascot decorations and while I wanted a bit more 3D feel, this worked well. My only advice would be to have even more layers (or thicker foam) for big versions. Mine are about 60-70cm tall. I made another one that is about 40cm and it looks better. I think the same depth at a smaller scale makes it nicer.

I used 25mm boards for the layering. For larger projects 40mm should look better.
They are gorgeous, all of them. If I were making them (and I might just do that) I might be tempted to stick a few LED's behind their bottom jaw area so the mouth cavity glows a little bit.

So what's the main theme for this year then Mes? Is it pumpkin themed or general halloween or something completely different?