Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
So 2020 Halloween was a bit of a bust but I did make a couple new props.

Since we weren’t doing a new theme this year, I decided to do a couple more ZP mascots.


and, not really a mascot but
ZP Minion:

I have my usual series of progress pictures but this time I actually made a video of how I make these:

In the end, they turned out pretty good. I may have gone a little overboard with the size of Shadow but that’s OK 🙃

One other problem is that the colors of the new ones don’t match the originals. A different DIY store closer to my house had the pink foam and I wanted to try it. (I usually use a blue foam.) Anyway, changing that base made the orange a lot brighter on the new ones.

It’s OK. I just decided that I’ll have to make more and that way have 2 sets 😎👍

Here they are all together

Here's the post on the first round of "making a Zombie Pumpkin"
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It’s a great video. You make it look so easy! I still have the one you sent to me a few years back. I absolutely love him. It’s on permanent display in our home office, so I see it most days and it remains one of my favourite possessions.
It looks like I’m going to make a 3rd go at some ZP mascot pumpkins.

Ryan’s Season mascot is drawn from sort of a low angle. I didn’t think the eyes would look right if I made a foam mascot like that. So, I tried to draw a couple versions of Season from straight on.



Then, I just went ahead and drew a template more like the original.


The problem is … I like all 3 🤣

It’s a great classic Jac face, so I think I’ll make all 3 of those this year.
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Once again, I'm flattered that my mascots inspire your props. I love to see how you interpret them.

You're right, the "Season" pumpkin is designed to look like he's leaning his head back, to open his wide smile. But does that angle look right when viewed straight on?

To be honest, I think all of these look more than fine. My preference leans slightly toward the proportions of the original illustration, but if you want to lower his eyes or open his mouth more, well that works too! I enjoy seeing your style put a spin on these.

I wasn't very helpful, was I? :lol: