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By SaneInsideInsanity
Looks Amazing Ryan Great job
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By Raven
Amazing as always Ryan! And I too am hoping to see that stencil next year.
By Ajax
These characters you make up could have movies made of them.
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By blueikaos

From pumpkins to costumes- you really are so creative!
By maegnus
I don't know which is better: Your execution or your ideas!

This costume is an extremely unique idea, yet retains a classical Halloween feel to it.

Loving the creative aspect and am looking forward to seeing this pattern in the unique creations collection.
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By The Captain
As awesome as I expected it to be! You are the king of costumes! "Hail Ryan King of Costumes!"
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By SuperSonic
As good as it would ever be. Any chance of us seeing you with out the 'stache :P
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By vibhandaka
Awesome costume! I love it how your costumes are really more of a theme than just a costume, because of all the extra touches you add. You have at least 100 days to rest now. :)
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By zombombie
I'm very late to this party, but wow Ryan!! That's excellent :D

Glad to know that you wore those contacts two years running. I was thinking I might need coloured contacts for my costume this year, so its good to know I should be able to get another wear from them :)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Thanks Edinburghzombie. Yeah, when I got those novelty contacts, I had to go for an eye exam and order them through the eye doctor (since contact lenses are considered a medical device and require a prescription).

When I got them, I asked how long they would be good for. I was basically told... however long they last. They don't "go bad" so as long as I keep them in the solution, they won't dry out and I can keep on using them.

If they ever rip or feel weird in my eyes, I'd retire them. But until then, I'm doing my best to get my money's worth! :lol:
So this year it looks like we're going to a Halloween club night which has burlesque dancing and cabaret. I wasn't too sure what I could dress up as, but thought that some kind of "gentleman skeleton" might work. Suit plus top hat made me think of Baron Mojo. Hopefully I can get my skull face make up as good as yours ZP! Did you use a certain kind of face paint? It looks really solid and looks as though it lasted all night without rubbing or smudging.
zombombie wrote:Did you use a certain kind of face paint? It looks really solid and looks as though it lasted all night without rubbing or smudging.
Sounds like a great look for that event, zombombie. For my skeletal face painting I used white and black no-smudge cream face paint. I don't recall the brand name, but that doesn't matter much. I just remember that it was a "cream" not a "grease" or other variety. And it was advertised as "no smudge." Still, I'm always careful to not touch my face if I can help it, while wearing costume makeup. Oh, and the crisp edges are made with black liquid eye liner. That's a key trick, to getting the thin lines that trail off, and the lines around the teeth and such.
I was actually thinking of almost doing the inverse of your make up ZP! and using black highlights with a white face, but due to the beard, I think black will hide that better whereas the white won't. I'll put up progress shots etc as I go :)