Chronicle your costume creation and share photos of your disguise.
Any guesses as top what Ryan's costume will be this year? Pretty hard to top last years......

Any clues in this years patterns? I'm thinking there is.......

Vampire? Wizard? Or is there a consensus for him dressing up as Elmo?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Oh, I'd say the clues are out there... somewhere. But you're off track if you're looking on Sesame Street.

Among all the other projects bouncing around in my brain during the Halloween season, putting together a new costume is always one of the priorities.

In my 31 years, I haven't missed an opportunity for costuming yet. As a kid, my mom helped put together my outfits, often sewing some or all of it. Once I hit the adolescent years and trick-or-treating was a bit frowned on for my age, my costume efforts waned. Admittedly, a few of them were rather weak. But as an adult, my interest in creative costumes was reborn, the more unique the better.

Coming up with a concept is never difficult. At any given time, I probably have 3 or 4 ideas for things I'd like to be in the future. I don't do word-play concept costumes. I don't dress as inanimate objects. I prefer to inhabit a character for the night. To be someone (or something) else. And not an everyday cop, prisoner, or doctor. My costumes usually involve morphing into some type of creepy human(oid).

I never buy pre-made costumes. I prefer to put together something unique, from many parts. Some pieces bought, but often built too. Sometimes I have to rush my costume a bit, if things get busy around here and time is limited. But I don't think the look suffers much, because I usually start planning it in my head many months prior. Even now I have a potential list of parts to buy for next year's costume.

From year to year, the costumes vary. If there was something particularly challenging about the previous year's costume, I like to give myself a break from that aspect. Example: my Patch Master scarecrow costume was quite cumbersome, with it's tall hat, long coat, oversized gloves, and face covering mask. So the next year I was Shaun of the Dead... who basically looks like me, with a red tie. But making that gore splattered cricket bat sure was a bloody good time.

This year, my costume is nearly complete. As is typical, I was able to creatively recycle certain parts of old costumes, turning them into something entirely different. One of the perks of collecting 30 years of costume pieces. But I also picked up some unique props to compliment the look too, so it should turn out to be a pretty charming beast.
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By nosferatu
:lol: :lol: That is so cool to have a pictoral history of costumes.

My personal faves are ALF and Wayne's World. That should definitely be a blog item. I look forward to the unveiling. The phrase "creepy human(oid)" made me immediately think you were going to be Michael Jackson. If the clues are out there, I'll keep looking. Even now, I am looking at the photos, trying to unearth some cryptic "DaVinci Code" subtext.
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By nosferatu
Funnily enough, trying to second guess your costume has just given me a great idea for what I want to be next year.

Normally, I'm not over fussed with the costume / dressing up side of Halloween. I can't be too scary as I don't want to traumatise my daughter.....not too much anyway, so therefore, it becomes a bit of a lacklustre exercise and I stick to the pumpkins

This year, I have invested in a Nosferatu mask but that was bought mainly to sit as a prop in my office. Next year though, I think I will be putting in a bit more effort
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By SaneInsideInsanity
....goes normally make it go with a im geussing Ash or something not out yet....with the crisp lines and face painting though that is kind of thrown off....hmmmm
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By SuperSonic
there are alot of good ops this year for costumes :)
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By paddy_babe
I actually think thats its something 'out of this world' because of the meantion of back to the future, dr who etc.... perhaps a freaky alien zombie? I'm just guessing here, thinking about it, it doesnt sound like ryan but you never know.... there were other hints like in a thread it saying "dorlean" etc.

if not maybe a vampire ("blood drive") :D
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By paddy_babe
ohh in that case wizard is a good guess....
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By SuperSonic
Dumbledore perhaps ???
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By Dadja
SaneInsideInsanity normally make it go with a im geussing Ash or something not out yet
You're on to something

Always a matching pumpkin that's normally not released until the very end. Since Ash has been released, I don't think that will be it, but...

How about Evil Ash?

There are some things here on the forum that can be interpreted as clues in this direction...
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By SaneInsideInsanity
Judging by the new profile pic that gave me chills....I think the new BP may have something to do with it
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By S.A.M
Baron Samedi!!!! Ryan's new avatar is wicked, when I first saw it I thought of Baron Samedi.. :D :D :lol:
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By The Captain
I'm a little late to this guessing party, and I have a little inside info. So I won't guess, but I'll give another clue by saying this "Ryan your make-up job crushes my make-up job from last year."

I think that just about gives it away :P

Can't wait to see the whole package, make Marie Laveau proud :wink: