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By Zombie Pumpkins!

I've only had a "dress rehearsal" so far, I may do my makeup a little differently on Halloween night, but I'm pretty happy with the overall look. I gradually collect costume parts and props over several weeks. So it's sort of a fun surprise for me when I eventually put it all on at once and see the full transformation.
By Ajax
Looks like you had to shave the goatee for it. The lengths your willing to go for art Ryan it's unreal.
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I think the goatee is still there you can see a bit un\der the bottom lip looks like no more beard though
By Ajax
I can't wait to see it. I've been checking in with the small amount of free time I had today after doing 19 carves at my parents house 7 by me.
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By Dredge
No kidding! I've also been waiting to see your costume. Your avatar looks fantastic!
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By badgers
I'm guessing he was The Mortician or some sort of Witch Doctor.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Here are the pics of my costume for 2009. With chants and the beats of voodoo drums playing from a nearby speaker, I was a New Orleans style voodoo priest. Well, my twisted twist on the theme, at least. You can call me Baron Mojo.


So let's talk construction, top to toe. The hat is indeed the same from my Mad Hatter costume. A somewhat pricey real top hat, might as well get more use out of it. Revamped with mini skulls glued to a ring of felt that is sitting on the brim (so it's removable and wont damage the hat). A band of purple fabric tied around, with tails dangling down my shoulders. A few pheasant tail feathers are sticking out the hat band.


White contact lenes in my eyes again. You may recognize them from my zombie costume last year. Such a cool effect, I'll take any excuse to use them. Face painted with white and black no-smudge cream face paint. The crisp edges made with black liquid eye liner. There's black face paint in my goatee on the chin, but I did have to shave my mustache in order to paint the skull teeth there. After 14 straight years of never seeing my top lip, let me tell you... it felt very weird when I first shaved it and I still don't recognize myself in the mirror.


The long coat is actually another reused piece, worn when I dressed as Rob Zombie back in 2001. The ribcage shirt was one heck of a last minute find. I was originally planning to paint ribs on a blank black t-shirt, but when time got short I ran to the mall hoping to find one. In one of the shop windows I spotted this long sleeve black shirt, with ribs on the front, AND the back, AND arm bones down the sleeves. AND it all glows in the dark!

Black skeleton bone gloves are the only other purchase from the costume shop (the face paint being the other). The skull bracelets and necklace were from Michaels. A shrunken head was dangling from my waist. That accessory is a bit more "witch doctor" than "voodoo priest" but the head looks pretty cool.


It's always fun to make some props to carry around too. I knew I wanted a skull cane or walking stick. I had seen a nice wood one at the costume stores for years, but almost couldn't find one now that I was actually wanting to purchase one. At the last store I checked, they had one left. I attached more small skulls to the staff with twine and tied some purple fabric to it to match my hat.

I also made a voodoo doll to threaten people with (visible in the first photo). Made with cardboard, twine, paint and purple feathers. Oh, and it's wrapped in black athletic grip tape, which I have from when I put together the cricket bat for my Shaun of the Dead costume. See, you never know when these costume purchases can be reused again!

As usual, I had to do a pumpkin carving to match my costume. Here's my Baron Mojo pumpkin, along with my pet snake, right outta the bayou.


That's it for this year's costume, I'm beat. Goodnight.

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By nosferatu
Phenomenal :o

Costume is amazing. I do hope the Baron Mojo stencil will be available next year as it looks fabulous. I would even carve him now on the reverse of my pumpkins.

I love the top hat it looks elegantly macabre. The pheasant feathers set it off nicely.

Although scary, not gross which is nice. I think seeing a picture of you with goatee chin minus tash would be far more harrowing.

Love the paint job, look forward to seeing it televised on Pimp My Patchmaster.

Truly usual
By Ajax
Awesome costume. Love the make up job. Sorry about having to sacrifice the facial hair. Love the top hat.
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By stoneoaks
Very Cool!

I luv anything with a skull motif.

Baron Mojo is just fabulous, hmmmm perhaps the female
version shall be my costume for my very first Halloween party!

Now theres a decal to have for my truck!!!
Your definitely going to have that up for a pattern right?!

This whole site and forum has really inspired me.

I cant thank you enough Ryan.

Ive really enjoyed lurking about, I wish I had found you earlier.

Im absolutely going to have a carving costume party for Halloween next year, I can hardly wait to put it all together.

Zombie Pumpkins will no doubt be my source for inspiration.

Thanks again Ryan and everybody on the board. :D
By JMP919
All I can say is wow. That costume is truly amazing.
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By CombichristGirl
that is freakin awesome ryan! i love it. and ur right about reusing things;)