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So. I have no photos of this yet (those will come in due time. I promise you that).

However. I decided to do my own take on an older ZP pattern yet again this year!

I have taken on the role of a MAD DOCTOR! So rather than use the old name I had for a similar role (Mad Scientist [Which is how this idea started] Dr. Aegon von Lichtenstïen)

I had a very unique thought process. Since I try to theme a carving in my display to my costume for that year.

I went with Dr.Pumpkinstein!

I repurposed my old Ecto Goggles from my Ghostbusters costume from I think 2009? Anyway. Those are going to be the goggles for Pumpkinstein.

Then like the madman I am. I had to get proper gloves! So I went to Home Depot and bought some $5 green cleaning gloves (the typical rubber gloves you see doctors use in classic itterations)

The biggest and most awesome portion was the doctors mock I got from Dickies. It wad like... $30 if I recall correctly.

Then I took the liberty of goring it up a little with splatters of fake blood and black spray paint to make the illusion of "operations and experimentations gone wrong."

I'll get pics up very soon so you all can see it! I promise (and then I'll delete this line of text... probably).
Yes yes, let's see some pics here (I think I saw a peek on social media).

I'll say... I'm flattered if one of my patterns/costumes inspired you. The Mad Scientist theme is a fun one. Your lab coat looked great with the splatters. And I think you topped my goggles, with your Ecto version. I hope you cackled like a madman as you made creations in your lab.