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By mesmark
You see I have this friend, right. And he has this problem ...

He wants to dress up as this guy:

He asked me for advice. His plan is to maybe buy a wig and cut the hair and attach it to his face somehow.
I have no idea what would be a good, temporary method. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

My friend has a bit of a stubble beard thing going and he doesn't want to shave that off.
Cutting a wig could work, although you might also try wool crepe hair which is pretty lightweight and used for costuming. It comes braided up tight like this, and you pull it apart pieces and wet it, to get finer straight chunks to apply.


And then adhere it to the face in small gradual layers with something like spirit gum or Pros-Aide adhesive. There are tons of YouTube demos about this. Just make sure you also have the appropriate remover for the type of adhesive you used.

And... is it safe to use special effects adhesives to glue hair to an existing stubble beard? That I can't say. I've been sporting facial hair since I was 18, so all of my costumes have involved either hiding my real facial hair, or growing out my real facial hair to be part of the costume. I've never actually applied hair to my face.