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Of course I had to run to post haha. I have some photos I'll try to put up tonight if I can get photobucket to work from my iPad. But it's going to be epic

I get to be Audrey

Audrey II that is

Ooh, this sounds epic. Can't wait to see.

By the way, you should be able to upload directly to the forum. Even from a phone, apparently!
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Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:39 am

Uploading Images! If you want to display images, you no longer need to host the files on your own server or a free image hosting service. You can upload directly from your hard drive to this forum (they actually get stored on a private server but you don't need an account there). Look for the "Upload an Image" link under the message composition area when creating a post.
I am sculpting a small Audrey II for my stepson to carry around since he's going to be Seymour. Here's the photo I have on my iPad. The rest are on my camera. I've also included what I used for a inspiration image for sculpting
Trying this again- photos of Audrey II's coffee can - first is a photo I found online. I found the actual cAn used in the movie at the antique store but it was $80!!! So I didn't buy it

Mine is made from a round box I found at the thrift store I'm almost done painting it so I'll post another pic
I'm enjoying hearing about your thought process. And I love Little Shop of Horrors costumes and props. I'm always fascinated with how people make the various puppets for Audrey II. You're doing cool stuff with the sculpting and coffee can! And looking at costumes that people have done for Poison Ivy is good inspiration, some creative plant-based cosplay going on in that field.
A local pizza chain has days where they let people with certain names make a free pizza. We had never done it )our names are never on the sign) but today's was trick or treaters! I made the kid dress up and took him and there was no one there! It was super fun