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oooooh Happy Half O Ween Friends! I've wanted to do these costumes for yeeeeeears.

I think I will go with my long skirt (Lydia's is red, tiered and ruffly), a corset (I need to wear a corset on Halloween, it's tradition) and I might add in my red satin bolero (worn in my witb my wedding dress and steampunk costume 2012). I will also need a wig.

Steve just needs the jacket/shirt etc. and wig. and I will do his makeup.

We decided to renew our wedding vows (with lines from Beetlejuice) at the Zombie Walk on October 8th. Our wedding officiant is still our friend and wants to do it :-) Beetlejuice and Lydia ZOMBIES! I was going to have a party, but the last one was such a bust. This way, I don't care if people show up - I don't have to clean, and I don't have to make food.

I can't wait to get started! :love: