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By S.A.M
Gonna keep this as short as possible. I bought a boiler suit (coverall) to do the decorating in and then thought it'd make a great scarecrow which then led me to thinking of buying a Michael Myers mask and getting dressed up for Halloween. I know it's a very easy costume, you don't even have to do any kind of blending with the mask openings but I wanted something easy, something to test the waters without spending a fortune only to chicken out & not to wear it on the night. I don't ever wear a costume for Halloween and haven't done since I was a kid so I'm kinda nervous about it :shock:

What I'd like to know is this, is Michael Myers too scary to be answering the door to young trick or treaters as? I only ask because in a test fit I've been told it's too real, too scary. I don't see it myself but maybe I'm blinded because I'm used to seeing 'The Shape' . The mask is made by Trick or Treat studios.



This was only a quick fit, the tags are still on and it doesn't fit perfectly, needs some padding. I don't know, I might just wear it to give a few scares but answer the door as normal, friendly me. You can't really talk as Michael Myers and I do like to have a talk. I'm having a Halloween party so I'll get some use out of it then and I'm thinking it'll make a kickass photo by the sweetcorn patch with some pumpkins in my garden :D

I haven't got a stiff neck or been stabbed through it with a knitting needle :lol: Just holding the flap at the back closed, any tips on how to do this without damaging the mask too much?
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By BrookR1
You can do it, but you should give the parents and kids fair warning so they don't get upset with you.

I'm going to answer the door in this mask:


My house will have strobe lights, zombies, music, and a sign at the beginning of the walkway. I want the parents and kids to know very early on that this isn't a Disney Halloween house. You don't have to go as far a me, but it would be very misleading if you decorated your house in warm Halloween colors with happy jack o lanterns and cartoon cardboard cutouts only to answer the door as Michael Myers.

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By S.A.M
Thanks guys :thumbsup:
Doh wrote:Depends on if the kiddies are Star Trek fans! ... tners-face" onclick=";return false;
I always took it as fact it was Shatner's mask, didn't realise it was mostly urban legend until recently proven true! Great read and video, Cheers Doh :D

Awesome mask BrookR1!

Yes good catch about there being conflicting messages with the decorations, I don't really go cutesy or gory, kind of middle ground between the two, just enough to get the mind wondering what might be lurking in the shadows :twisted: There are usually a few kids who'll cry and refuse to come down the path, even a couple of adults refused to come near the house last year; so scared of being scared and that's all without there being Michael Myers haunting the place! I do get older kids who are into Freddy/Jason. I think door duty will have to be played by how the night is and only don the mask as and when there are older kids/adults about.

I guess that's the beauty of a mask, it's easily and quickly removable, now if what's lurking underneath the mask is worse is entirely subjective :P :lol:
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By Raven
I say wear the mask. Halloween is suppose to be scary! Back when I lived in a neighborhood the kids that came to the house dressed scary always got extra candy. What is sad is that a lot of younger kids wont even know who you are suppose to be. :(

Very cool mask btw!
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By monstermash
Raven wrote:I say wear the mask. Halloween is suppose to be scary! Back when I lived in a neighborhood the kids that came to the house dressed scary always got extra candy. What is sad is that a lot of younger kids wont even know who you are suppose to be. :(

Very cool mask btw!

Yes exactly! Go for it man, wear the mask, brats these days watch loads of scary rubbish on tv :roll: :wink: . They'll probably think you're just Katie Hopkins in a boiler suit. If you feel its too scary then of course do what you want but I wanted/expected to be scared on halloween as a kid and I'd hope kids haven't changed that much since the 90's.
Wear the mask! Everyone's entitled to one good scare. Gotta toughen up these kids somehow. ;)

In all seriousness, having made my share of small children cry (which leaves me somehow satisfied and yet totally guilt-ridden) I know what it's like to want to be spooky but not ruin anyone's night with tears. That's one benefit of a mask. If teens approach, put it on. Tiny tots, take the mask off. Somewhere in between... well, try the mask, and if you see little eyes welling up and small lips begin to quiver, you can back up so as to not be threatening, remove the mask and say, "Don't be scared, I'm just a normal guy." Unless the kid finds your normal face scary. Not much we can do about that.

Great Myers mask, by the way. Trick or Treat studios masks some solid stuff. I've been a customer. And Myers is a great costume too... simple, yes. But so imposing. You don't even have to move. Just stand there are stare. Horrifying.

Glad to see you're dressing up. I hope this is the first year in a new trend. :thumbsup:
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By amandap80
I think it is totally fine to wear it! I usually gauge how terrifying I am by the size of the ToTer. If they are so small they can hardly tottle up the walk I keep the cackling to a minimum and appear less threatening. If they are good size and just have big eyes I cackle a little. If they are about 8 or above they get the full cackling. If they are obnoxious I cackle and ask if they want to be a ingredient in my potion and brandish my broom and potion bottles at them. :witch: That usually makes them scamper. :twisted:
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By S.A.M
Raven, monstermash, Ryan, Ajax and amanda Thanks guys for the great advice! :thumbsup: It's helping to convince me do it so I will wear it :D But I'll use judgement, you have to when you get all age ranges knocking the door. I'll lurk behind the corner and see who's there before attempting to give them a fright :twisted: I'll have some help dishing out treats so they could always deal with the really young ones whilst I hang back.

I hope it goes well too because this could be the start of me getting in to costume every Halloween from now on, I'm actually really excited at the prospect of dishing out some scares and the reactions I'll get :lol:
Beware, S.A.M... dressing in costume and getting scares and funny reactions is addicting. Getting reactions from your decorations is fun, but its even more invigorating when it's YOU they're reacting to.
By b2b
I dressed in full costume as a werewolf several years ago and lurked around outside. When the smaller kids came up I just faded into the background and didn't approach, but then you have to have someone else nearby to hand out the treats. I've also had things so scary in the garage and near the front walkway that adults screamed. It's all how aggressive you feel you need to be to each group that comes up. And yes, there may be a couple of casualties, but that is what therapy is for later in life. If that is all they have to get over, life will have been wonderful for the little tykes! :wink: