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By Lala
ooooh it took me so long to come up with this.

Hubby is going to be Dr.Harmenstein (Our last name is Harms)

and I am going to be his bride. As in, I decided I wanted the Doctor instead of the creature. Also, I want to tease my hair.

Right now the Halloween plans are giving out candy BUT since Halloween is on a Saturday, we might try to hit a Halloween party at a local nightclub.

We already have a lab coat (My mom actually wore it at a job in the 60's)

I will be putting together a dress (white) with my black corset from last year. Also going to try to do something with the chains like Ryan did a few years back.

Photos to come!
Can't wait to see your creations come to life HB. 60's lab coat, love it. You just never know when you're going to need a piece of clothing. It's hard throwing anything even remotely costume worthy away.
The lab coat lives in Mom's halloween closet - I should take a photo of the closet! Anyway, I've worn the coat to be a mad scientist, and my dad and uncle have as well. haha.

trying to decide what else I need. I think this weekend I will go look for my dress
Love the idea. You could always be Dr Jekyll and Mrs Bride. Would tie in great with the Jekyll and Hyde pattern due for release :wink: look forward to seeing the photos.
of course I can't find a white blouse that will look good on me :-( Right now I'm going to have to make one, and I don't wanna! do the sheet/safety pins thing I do every year...
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By Lala
Finally found a top for my costume, not what I wanted but it will do. It's a low key Halloween this year :?
My Halloween costume this year is pretty low key as well. I don't even have a name for what I'm going to be, some sort of victorian/steempunk type thing. Hubby's creation required a bit of sewing on my part, but nothing too detailed. Halloween is usually a hectic day and the easier I can do things the better.
Funny, i'm also going low key this year. I don't really know what I am. Kind of fifties widow if I really had to push to come up with a name. Basically a navy blue dress, black gloves, one or two accessories and a dead looking face. I'm too busy zombifying other peoples costumes so the easier the better for me. I'm looking forward to seeing everyones costumes.