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Raven wrote:Ryan, NO! That is SCARY!
monstermash wrote:KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!
Haha, I like the reactions. Just what I was hoping for. :P Thank you for all the cool comments. Always inspires future costumes.
Raven wrote:Those teeth! I have to wonder if when you spoke with them in did you have a lisp?
Oh yeah. In fact, it was hard to close my lips over those buck teeth, so my lips were pretty dry by the end of the night. After a while, you get a little better speaking with the teeth. But with chompers that are bigger/longer than your normal teeth, you can't help but lisp. In this case, it added to the character, I think. A backwoods killer might have a speech problem. A lisp is less appropriate if you're trying to play a sexy vampire while wearing long fangs. :)=
Raven wrote:Did you chase the kids with an exaggerated limp/lurch? I can see you running after them, laughing maniacally.
Oh, of course. You know me well. Sadly though, I didn't make any children cry with this costume. Oh well, there's always next year.
Raven wrote:It's good not to be a certain well known character. My husband always gets asked "what are you?". He usually answers with "scary" or "big" (he's 6'5").
Ha, I like his answers. Yeah, an undefinable costume is good like that. But I will admit it gets tiring when people won't stop asking, "So what are you supposed to be?" Next time I'll aim for a costume that is so scary, it will just leave 'em speechless.
Raven wrote:And lastly those pictures. Please tell me you hired a professional photographer and went to a studio for those pictures and not that you just set up a tripod in your living room and took them.
Sorry, but I must confess that I took those pictures myself, in my living room. :lol: In all fairness, I do have a fairly professional camera, tripod, backdrop and studio lamps with color bulbs. And I've taken a couple photography classes. :)
Raven wrote:They are absolutely stunning! They are going to look great in that book you write about all thing Halloween and pumpkin carving. :P
Thank you so much! I like this idea you have placed in my head (as if it's not already in my head).
nosferatu wrote:Does he have a name?
If you try to introduce yourself, he'll just answer in grunts and hoots. The local media calls him the Backwoods Butcher, but nobody knows his real name. By the time this guy was born, his parents probably stopped giving their kids names. They probably just called him "number 17."
nosferatu wrote:Where are the bodies buried?
No bodies are buried... why let the ground worms enjoy all that delicious meat?
ghostface wrote:Ryan, I have to say, this may be my favorite costume of yours by far!! Maybe it's because backwoods slashers
Thanks ghostface, I knew you'd be one to appreciate this genre of killer.
Ajax wrote:What's your weapon of choice for this character? Any chance there is a pattern of this character that didn't get revealed yet?
Good question, I never picked a weapon for this guy. I figured he has a child's mind in an adult body, so I carried around my scary teddy bear while in this costume. And I did the "Teddy Fear" pumpkin carving to match (thus, there was no direct pattern of my masked killer character).
zombombie wrote:The fact that you made that mask is incredible, you should hang that up beside some horror prints, it's so good.
Thank you kindly, zombombie! It's fun to make masks like this. I'm almost certainly going to sculpt more, and they'll be hanging on my wall.
How did I not see this post until now?! :shock: This is probably one of the favorites that you've done up to this point (for me anyway).

Well done. I love the original idea. :thumbsup:

Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!