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This year Mrs Z and I are doing a costume as a couple for the first time. This has already been done by Ravens good husband and our very own Patchmaster, but this year I will be a Voodoo Priest and Mrs Z will be a Priestess! We're going to a party so we want something relatively simple and comfortable that we can wear all night, and I'm looking forward to suiting up!

I shave my head bald, so I'll be covering my entire head and face in white face paint, including my beard, and then I'll be doing messy black skull eyes, some black slits on my nose and some black lines over my mouth and beard to simulate teeth. Clothes wise I'll be going with a top hat that I think I might dust up so it looks old and worn, black jeans and boots, I have a chain of small skulls that I think I'll hang off my jeans, I have skeleton gloves, a skull topped cane... and this is where I stop. I really don't know about my top half. I was thinking of copying Ryan's rib cage t-shirt but I would like long sleeves so that I can wear the gloves. So does anyone have any thoughts on a top half? Or other accessories? :phantom:

Any thoughts on what Mrs Z should go with? We were thinking of big messy hair, some face paint like dots and dark messy eyes, a rubber snake and lots of jewellery... Anything else?

Thanks minions! :)=
My husband wore a skeleton t-shirt as well with his long black trench coat and then skeleton hand gloves.. of course, wearing a coat all night might be a bit warm. You can always look for something like these as well..
I saw a big chicken claw that someone had made using a wire coat hanger on Pinterest, it looked amazing. The link to the original post is here ... -foot.html.

Has Mrs Z considered going as a voodoo doll? She could then glam up but have scars on face etc and huge pins sticking out of her?
This site tells you how to do the pins ... z2b3UAP47q. Or maybe use thin dowel with painted table tennis balls on the top. Or even thin upvc pipe, needs to be lightweight otherwise they will droop. That's why the link with the g style bottom to the pin, hidden beneath the costume and flat against the body works well.
Your costume made me think of this Imelda May song that I've been listening to lately. I like the end of the chorus: "I'm your pin doll, you're my voodoo." Maybe this needs to be the theme song for Mr. & Mrs. Zombombie this Halloween.

I also saw this video recently which has some costumes with the voodoo theme.