Chronicle your costume creation and share photos of your disguise.
oh costume making, I love you so. We are going as people in the Freakshow this year - mainly because our local Zombie walk theme is Dark Carnival.

Right now I just have stuff and nothing done yet, but I thought I would share a photo. My husband is going to be a guy with 4 legs. I will be attaching them (and little shoes) right to his pants. This is the only 4 leg photo I could find but you get the idea


I am going to be a lady with a hand growing out of my head. I don't have the hand yet but will have to put it on a headband or something. I have all of the parts of my costume or have ordered them - fabric for skirt, bolero jacket, shirt, corset
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Kind of at a standstill right now. My corset was supposed to arrive today but wasn't on the mail truck (grrrrr!)

I can't find my wedding slip which I am going to use to make my skirt.

and I wanted to put skull buttons on my husbands vest but they are like $10 each.


I only have 4 weeks left until the Zombie walk! EEEK!
I think I am going to go with some sort of fancy button - I can get those at hobby lobby and use a coupon

I was able to find my crinoline/slip and I washed the fabric I am going to use for my skirt (fun fact, it is actually one of my photography backgrounds)

TOmorrow I am going to go to the thrift store to find pants for hubby's costume. and shoes. tiny shoes.
Here are the "bones" of my costume - I will be putting some sort of lace/ruffle I think at the neck and around the sleeves. It is pretty similar to my steam punk costume from 2 years ago but oh well. I know it will look good on me.


I will also have a hand growing out of my head. I bought 2 hands but haven't decided if I want to make 1 zombie and 1 regular. I guess I will.
Photos coming in a little bit, but bought

- Pants in my husbands size AND a pair of matching pants in size 3 kids
- fabric to make his bow tie
- red and white striped shirt (DUDE it is so Carnival-y I love it. I'm weird)

Also bought the ruffles for my neck of my costume and sleeves.

I want to finish the costumes by this weekend so my friend can photograph us in them (if all else fails, I will have my Mom photograph us.)

I am going to make up "pitch cards" to give out at the zombie walk!
The making of the 4 legged man

These are size 3 kids slacks that I cut in half, I then sewed them to my husband's slacks (photo of that coming, camera battery died)


Legs were made out of some knee socks I already had, and little shoes (given to me by a friend)


I cut little pieces of cardboard to put in the socks before I put them in the shoes. I then stuffed the socks with plastic bags and bubble wrap.



Husbands hat he had to have. The hat band matches his bowtie

I didn't really think the "hand growing out my head" thing out very well, and haven't had much luck getting it to stay on my head :(

Right now it's attached to a headband that I'm thinking of putting some ribbon loops on so I can bobby pin it to my head