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It's been years since I dressed up for Halloween, and I figured this year might be the year to start back up.. Since I have decided on doing a (hopefully) big display of pumpkins and luminaries this year, I've been thinking about dressing up to greet Trick 'r' Treaters. The trouble is I have no idea what/who to dress up as. I've been leaning towards doing an Alex costume from A Clockwork Orange, but I I've never done SPFX and I really wanted to start practicing that and do a costume that includes SPFX work.. I'm at a stand still right now... :arrowhead:
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By Raven
Pinterest and Youtube are your friends! Pinterest for idea's and Youtube for tutorials. Youtube might be able to show you how to do something a lot easier than you thought it would be or in a way you didn't think of.
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By SuperSonic
As I always intend to entertain the ToTers, I tend to do a lighter theme. Last year being the main exception really. I always run through the following things when I pick out a costume:

1. Can I make it? Or do I have to buy it?

2. Is it kid friendly? If it isn't I tend to re think unless I have my heart set on it (like last year)

3. Do I have the cash to get the parts/costume I want to make/do?

4. Any effects for the costume? If it involves special effects I tend to stay away from it. The web shooters I tried to make for my Spider-Man costume 2 years ago fell through the floor due to cost, and the unavailability to hide them so they didn't look too obvious. Last year I could not get my arm gears to fit on my Mad Hatter costume because I could not secure them as an under mount without making it look incredibly stupid.

5. In some ways this could be the most important part. Will people recognize it? My main concern with ANY costume I choose. Since the kids become priority, I like to do something that they will recognize, which will attract them to the house. Last year only ONE person actually recognized my Mad Hatter. I had to tell everyone else. Where as Spider-Man, Sonic, The Joker, Buzz Lightyear, The Ghostbuster costume, they were all recognizable to an extent (the Ghostbuster I DID have to tell a few people).

I like it when the kids go. OHH LOOK IT'S __________!! *insert recognizable figure here* It not only attracts the parents to the display I have (which is a plus), but it also adds to their experience for the night.

Hope this helps!
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By alyssaSF
I myself am an aspiring makeup artist and just recently got into special effects makeup within the last couple of years and I recommend the youtube channel goldiestarling. She does a lot of good sfx tutorials if you're interested in that type of thing.
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By ghostface
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Any progress on your costume plans, Ghosface?
I think I have made a decision on my final costume. As of right now I am going to be a zombie jester, if you will. I've got the costume itself. Now I have to start practicing some SPFX makeup, and coming up with some creepy clown-ish looking makeup ideas.
Great concept, Ghostface. A zombie-anything can be cool. Double your fun with the clownish aspect. Demon jester, undead harlequin, goblin clown. Many options for makeup effects. Have fun with it!
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By monstermash
Good luck with it Ghostface. My brother wants to be a zombie clown so I've got to do his make up and costume. I wish I could help you with ideas but i'm just sort of winging it. I think sometimes that's the best way. Don't over plan, just have a rough idea and run with it. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished look.
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By ghostface
Ok, so my costume didn't end up being a zombie jester, more of an evil, creepy jester. I was able to do an awesome "Chelsea Smile" effect for my very first ever SPFX. I was actually pretty happy with the turnout! Could've been better, could've been worse. Everyone at the party I went to thought it was awesome. Can't wait to work on more effects sometime in the near future. Sadly, since I had a party that night I was unable to carve any final pumpkins. :cry: I can't believe how fast this year went by.. Last year I carved, I think, about 21 pumpkins. This year I only had time for about 9 or 10. Oh well, I can just make more bigger and better next year! Hope everyone had an awesome, and spooktacular Halloween!
Great fx. The scar on your face looks like a proper scab. So much so I want to pick at it! Believe what everyone told you, it looks great.

Whilst you may be disappointed at only carving ten, ten is better than none! Plus you had a party to go to/ costume etc / forum duties!. Great job, I'd be chuffed to bits if I were you