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By SuperSonic
This is an oddity for me, but seeing as a Ghostbuster fan never dies easy, I'm going with a Ghostbuster again this Halloween!

Seeing as I already have the costume ready, thats done...or so I thought. Now I'm going to embark on an adventure to build my own budget Proton Pack. With working Cylotron! I will also have the thrower of course. I'm going to chip away at this and HOPE that it's done in time for Halloween. If not I can always keep working on it in the off season! Wish me luck! :thumbsup:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Nothing wrong with a repeat costume. Especially something as cool (and timely) as Ghostbusters. I've considered redoing some of my past costumes. Think of it as a "version 2.0" - If you already have the basis for the costume, you can use your time to take some parts to the next level. Put some extra polish on that disguise and make it even better than ever!
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By SuperSonic
Unfortunately, due to the awesomeness (and huge expense) of Canada Fan Expo this year, I may have to set aside the 2.0 of this costume for another year. I just cannot find parts, paint, and the time to build the $1 store Proton Pack I was hoping for. I would have needed to start on this much sooner if I wanted it done for Halloween.

However, my costume remains a re-do! I will officially bring back Spider-Man!!


I believe some of you remember this costume? If you don't its okay. 2014 will be another Year of the Spider! You'd almost think it was a sign considering I've found 4 8 legged friends in my house today. :twisted: