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It looks amazing!! Once again a fantastic costume infused with creativity and minute attention to detail. If I lived nearby I'd go trick-or-treating to your house just to see it in person. :)

My favorite parts are the excellent boots (what a perfect find!), the shortened jacket, the bits of red at the base of each stitch (That is a very chilling detail!), and of course the electronics.

Love it! :frank:
Wow, seriously, where do I begin on this one?

Those boots will certainly come in handy for your Elton John - Tommy, The Pinball Wizard - tribute act.

Everything about the costume is magnificent, clothes, make up, electronics. Makes me wonder what you will come up with next year. Your ever increasing costume magnificence means that eventually you will come unstuck and one day, in the distant future, we will all turn round and go, "Oh, is that it?". Until that day however, I will continue to look forward to your costume reveal. It is the highlight and remedy for post Halloween blues.