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By Raven
I know we all wait with baited breath to see what Ryan's costume is going to be each year. Sometimes he will release a pattern that goes with it, but not always. So any ideas what is on his evil mind for this year?

I'm going to guess an obvious choice and say Frankenstein's Monster. :frank:

Anyone want to wager a guess?
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By nosferatu
Depends if it involves the sacrificial removal of facial hair. If it does then my money is firmly on something Mary Poppins related. :thumbsup:
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By Lala
I'm going to guess Dr.Frankenstein...or Jack Skellington, with a beard. :-)
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By shaft28
I'm going out on a limb, I think he's going as Chachi from Happy Days :D
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By amandap80
Green foam and black thread for large stitching? Yep, Frankenstein's monster.
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By SuperSonic
I feel like Frankensteins Monster IS the right guess. However nothing too solid as of yet. He has pulled a U-ey on us before. If it were green make up, rather than foam I would say the Monster right away. Undead Ted, another reccuring theme in my posts yet again. That eyebrow makeup he used before might very well be used again.

So yeah. I just made myself believe that its the Monster. So I'm going to go with :frank:

Argument with self solved. :roll: