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This is a work in progress, but I figured I'd start the thread.

My husband likes to dress all in black each Halloween, including covering his face. This year when he decided to change and dress to match one of my costume options I jumped at the chance to put something together for him. So here is the making of his Voodoo Priest transformation.

Started by getting a cheap felt top hat. I thought it looked a bit too new and nice and a Voodoo priest wouldn't have that. He needs something well worn and used.

So I dry painted the hat to give it more of a dusty and dirty look.

I then wrapped some leather cord around the hat for a more homemade looking hat band, glued on some little skulls and added a feather.

I was going to glue on a little rubber bat in the middle of the hat. We decided it would be cool if the eyes of the bat lit up red, so hubby rigged together some tiny LED lights that connect to a battery that I will tape inside the hat...

And now the bat has evil red eyes!

I also managed to start on his staff. We already had this cool twisty walking stick so I took some of the leather cord and wrapped it around the top, leaving some hanging down. I attached little skulls and feathers to those. We have a larger skull that will be attached to the top of the stick eventually.

The rest of the costume will be easy. Black t-shirt with a skeleton print, black pants and he has some red alligator shoes he is going to wear. The shoes were purchased as a joke, but I think they are going to come in handy for Halloween. He has a black trench coat he will probably wear as well. He will also have some black gloves with slightly raised white bones on the tops. His face painting is an issue we might have solved, but not sure. He had a HUGE beard and refuses to shave, so that part might not be to authentic looking, but I'm working on it.

As for me..well, mine will be more simple as now I've spent all my time on my dear husband. I'll probably dress in all black. I have an all black lacy cape that is thin and gauzy looking and I might wear that. I have a smaller top hat with a black and purple rose and some black tulle that hangs down off one side. Mainly I will concentrate on my makeup. I did get a cool skeleton hand bracelet that I will wear and I have a necklace with skulls all along it. I also own a pair of black leather boots with tiny silver skulls all over them, so I'll probably wear them.

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By Raven
NikkiRae wrote:The hat and stick look awesome so far! And where did you get the skeleton bracelet/hand cover?

Side note: I love both of your manicures lol :D
Ebay! I think it was something like skeleton hand bracelet or something.
Being the top hat fan that I am. I have to say I love that hat. I love it a lot. Good work Raven. Keep it up.
Your attention to detail is marvellous RD. That's a really neat way of making the hat look old, so simple too. What to do with the great big beard? There would be no way of spray stencilling some sort of skull pattern on it would there? I wouldn't know how to describe what im seeing in my mind, seeing as ive never seen your hubbys beard and I dont know how easy it would be to paint skulls on it. Imagine making a vertical line of very simple skull stencils. Like the skull shape on Baron Mojo's hat rim. You could lay that on his beard and spray with coloured hair spray or something.
I do love this theme (I did a similar costume theme a few years back). And you're on track to really knock it out of the park, with your costume pairing. I'm glad you're posting these progress shots because I think it helps to illustrate to others the potential for costuming. Alone, some paint, feathers or leather cord might not seem like much. But these simple items combined make great costumes/props.
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By Raven
zombombie wrote:RD, when you say you "dry painted" it, what did you do exactly? I think I'd like to imitate that style for my hat :)
You're going to dip your paint brush in the paint and then on a piece of paper, you want to paint almost all of it off the brush onto the paper till your brush is just about dry. After that just kind of feather the brush around on the hat. That way you are not painting big streaks of paint all over the hat. I used some white and a bit of brown paint on mine. I did actually drop the hat into the paint at one point and had to go over it with black paint to cover up the spot of white I made. :P
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