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A friend of mine asked me to join her in the local "Zombie Walk" on Oct 19 - and to do a themed costume with her and a friend. She wanted to do Scooby Doo (she has a great dane)...okay...and asked me to be Zombie Velma and my Husband to be Zombie Fred. Okie dokie, challenge ACCEPTED!!! (she will be Zombie Daphne as she has the long red hair, and her friend will be Shaggy)

I went shopping for the "bones" of our costumes today and came up with this - I think I will dye and shorten my skirt a little, and I need knee socks, and maybe a wig (as my fair is past my shoulders and blonde)

Fred will need a blue collar and orange ascot and a wig (because my husband has a shaved head)

ooooo fun. I will update as I work on the costumes.

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Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:You must be thrilled to have an excuse to do a second costume, Lala.  Can't wait to see how this turns out.
Why yes, I am. hahahahahaaa I am excited to go around downtown as a zombie.
Finally found a wig for my husband - it's as "Fred" as I could find. I find this photo hysterical!!


I just need to do his collar and ascot and dye my skirt and find some yellow knee socks!
Well, my husby isn't a photographer and I look like a goof, but here's my Velma costume. I attempted to dye the skirt but it didn't work. I tried putting bloody handprints on it, but they just soaked in haha. I'm going to try some black/red paint hand prints on it. We finally found the socks at the sporting goods store!! and the wig - my mom wore this wig 25 years ago when she was Cleopatra for Halloween - she still had it! Image