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So as you may know from last year I had two costumes. The Gentleman Ghost and a character I like to call Baron Magicka. One was for Trick-Or-Treat and the other my friends Halloween party. Well the same goes for this year.

The Trick-Or-Treat theme can be found right here: ... =8&t=10574

So naturally the costume has to go with the theme right? What should it be, what should it be? Oh I know how about a Jack-O'-Lantern faced Scarecrow man? A bit like the Patch Master, but with my own twists. A character I like to call Scarecrow Jack.

Now I have almost everything I need for the costume. With the exception of a jacket I need to make. I got the jacket idea from Make Your Mark on Youtube:

Also along with that I'll be wearing a Red Flannel, Dark Blue Jeans, Boots, Garden Gloves, A Jack-O'-Lantern Mask, Black Hat, and it wouldn't be right not to wear a Zombie Pumpkin Pin or two.

Now for the second costume. The one I plan to wear to my friends party is... Drum roll please, or should I say Organ Play? Yes you guessed it the classic, the mysteries, the one, the only, The Phantom Of The Opera. Yes I know a lot of people have done it, but I love the Book and Movies so much I wanted to do it for myself.

So far I only need on small accessory. A pair of white dress gloves to go along with: Black Dress pants, White Button Up Shirt, Black Vest(maybe), a Black Bow tie, Black Jacket, Black Cape, Black Dress Shoes, and you can't be a phantom with out your mask.

If you have any ideas or tips I would like to hear them.
I can't wait to see how these turn out. I hope your getting into gear. Halloween is only 58 days away!
SuperSonic wrote:I can't wait to see how these turn out. I hope your getting into gear. Halloween is only 58 days away!
I now right, and I'm totally excited for it. Like I said I only have some finishing touches to be made on both costumes. The hardest one is going to be the jacket.
Lala wrote:Sounds great ! We need pix!
Pictures will be posted when things come closer to being done.  I guess I can post something dealing with the bits and pieces.
You wanted picture, well you got it. Here's a sneak peek at my Trick-Or-Treat night costume.


A black rounded hat, a Jack-O'-Lantern Sock Mask, Red Flannel Shirt, Garden Gloves, Dark Blue Jeans,...


Dark brown Steel Toe Boots...


The Trench/Duster coat that I talked about. Not yet finished, but I thought I would show a general idea, and ...


An Official Zombie Pumpkins! Minion pin. I had to show some love, because this is were the idea came from.

I will show more of the Phantom Costume later, I just don't want any of my friend from the party to see it yet. I like to keep them guessing.
Well the party is coming up this Saturday. So we all will finally get to see the Phantom Of The Opera rise again.